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SEO Services

Our SEO services focus on improving your search engine ranking for keywords and phrases that your customers use to find businesses like yours.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a business’s visibility on search engines. Effective SEO will help your business rank when someone searches on Google or Bing for something related to your business. Our SEO services focus on identifying how customers in your industry and market are searching online and optimizing for those keywords and phrases.
  • Art 20% 20%
Long-tail keyword targeting, overall keyword strategy, content development and design, etc.
  • Science 80% 80%
On-page optimization, link building, website optimization, keyword tracking, reporting, listing management, etc.

Study: 2020 Search Engine Ranking Factors – Local Pack vs. Organic

Started in 2008, the Local Search Ranking Factor survey, seeks to break down the factors impacting ranking for local searches (aka searches with local intent). The study takes the feedback from the most prominent SEO experts in the space to unpack Google’s search...

The Importance of Website Speed for SEO

A fast loading website does more than just offer a great user experience. In fact, page speed is a major factor that can impact your search engine optimization (SEO). Google’s mission is to highlight the most relevant and user-friendly websites when someone conducts a...

Google Search Engine Optimization Trends & Stats You Should Know

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex undertaking. It starts with understand what factors influence search results. While Google and other search engines don’t outline how their search engines behave and what factors drive the results, marketers and SEO...

Link Building: The Hardest, Most Powerful Tactic for Local SEO

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), it is critical to try and think like Google. While Google’s search algorithm is the company’s secret sauce, they do offer some general insight into how search engine algorithms work. According to Google: With the...

Most People Don’t Look for Your Business Online – They Discover You

A new study analyzing data from 45,000 Google My Business (GMB) profiles has found that the majority of people researching a purchase will search on Google using a category, service or product keyword searches vs. a specific business name. The split, according to the...

Google Is Driving Fewer Clicks to Your Website & Here’s Why

While you may not have noticed, Google has been evolving the search engine results page (SERP) for years. What use to show up as a selection of the most relevant "organic" blue links has now become a page diverse with images, maps, ads and answers to your questions....

9 SEO Tips for Improving Your Ranking on Google in 2019

Last month we presented a MarketingBitz webinar exploring the state of the search engine results page (SERP) on Google, how its changed, and offered 9 search engine optimization (SEO) tips to utilize in 2019 to improve your business's organic rank and your rank in the...

What Determines Your Search Engine Ranking on Google?

There are many factors that influence how high a business ranks on a search engine result page (SERP) for a particular keyword. Each year Moz seeks to put an actual figure to the influence of over 100 of these factors. Surveying over 30 prominent search engine...

billion searches happen on Google each day.

Source: Internet Live Stats

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Improving your SEO doesn’t happen overnight. But you’ve got to start somewhere…

Keyword Research

It all starts with identifying keywords and phrases people are actually using to find businesses like yours.

On-Page Tactics

We’ll make sure your website pages are set up to effectively communicate with search engines.

Link Building

Our link building strategies follow best practices growing the quantity and quality of links to your website.

Website Optimization

We’ll make sure your website is mobile optimized, secure (HTTPS) & loads quickly for improved ranking.

Listing Management

We’ll make sure your business information is listed accurately and consistently on prominent sites.

Analytics & Reporting

We track our SEO efforts over time with regular reporting on your ranking for various keywords.