Email Marketing

Our email marketing services focus on segmenting audiences for more personalized and relevant messages that are interesting and compelling.
Professional marketers consider email marketing as the most effective digital marketing tactic because often it results in an immediate action. From website forms fills, to online sales, an effective email marketing strategy can help your business drive critical customer actions. Additionally, email is great for building brand loyalty, sharing promotions, encouraging reviews from customers and much more.
  • Art 70% 70%
Design, targeting, segmentation, subject lines, branding, copy, call to action, graphics, imagery, etc.
  • Science 30% 30%
A/B testing, delivery timing, personalization, email client compatibility, mobile optimization, etc.


of marketing pros rate email as the most profitable channel in terms of ROI.

Source: Emma

Here’s some techniques and tactics we can bring to your email marketing strategy…


Keep your audience informed of new products, services, promos and news related to your business.


Offer unique and time-sensitive deals, discounts and promos to generate more activity and interest.


Build an email list of your most loyal customers and give them special offers and perks as a thank you.


Keep your audience informed of important changes like holiday hours, a new address, new policies, etc.

List Building

Grow your list by providing something of value (discounts, insights, etc.) in exchange for email addresses.


Chop up your list into different interest groups in order to send more personalized and relevant emails.


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