Creative Services

Our creative services seek to visually build your brand, help you differentiate from the competition and improve first impressions of your business.
Your brand’s creative is made up of the images, designs, words and videos used to represent the feelings, personality and identify of your business. Your creative and design are powerful tools to help differentiate your business, build your brand, help with brand recall, improve the overall perception of your business and much more. The objective with your creative should be to communicate visually the intangible principles of your business (honesty, quality, skill, etc.).
  • Art 90% 90%
Graphic design, video scripting and editing, photography, advertising creative, etc.
  • Science 10% 10%
Color psychology, principles of design, etc.

First Impressions Form in Less Than 50 Milliseconds – Why Logos, Colors & Digital Design Matter

There are all kinds of stats that point to the importance of digital design and creative when it comes to your website and your digital marketing overall. The most compelling of those stats is the speed with which opinions are formed online. According to a Google study back in...

Creative ad campaigns drove 2x the sales impact as non-creative ad campaigns.

Source: Harvard Business Review

First impressions matter. Here’s how we can help you make a good one…

Logo Design

Create a logo that represents you, your business and the principles that guide you.

Website Design

Develop a website that adheres to web design best practices and builds your visual identity.


Use short, high-quality videos to help customers see exactly what you do and who you are.


Get high quality photos to help show customers what you do, what you sell and who you are.


Brand everything, with custom designs for infographics, presentations, reports and more.

Ad Creative

From search ads, to boosted Facebook posts, we’ll help all of your online advertising stand out.

Creative - Work Sample (Video)

Promotional Video Highlighting the Client’s Annual Conference

Using footage from previous conferences, we developed this video to help promote the client’s upcoming annual event.

Creative - Work Sample (Photos)

Interior, Exterior & Staff Photos

Took photos of a client’s place of work including interior, exterior and staff photos for posting on social media, Google My Business and for incorporation into the website.

Creative - Work Sample (Video)

Video Promoting Client’s New Event

Using clips from speakers at previous events, we developed this video to promote a new event taking place in 2016.

Creative - Work Sample (Video)

Video Featuring Live Interviews & Commentary

We conducted a series of interviews exploring the challenges small businesses face with digital marketing and used this material to promote the client’s small business marketing events.

Rithm Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Metro Detroit. Our approach is part art and part science, bringing together creativity, artistry and digital design with data analysis, technical know-how and best practices. All digital marketing channels offer opportunities for artistry and technique. We bring the two together, helping your business generate more calls, clicks, form fills, downloads and store visits.

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