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We’ll help you make data-driven decisions about your marketing.

With many small businesses executing digital marketing without any strategy, our consulting services are intended to empower you to make more informed decisions as it relates to your digital marketing. Before making any major investments, all businesses should take a deep dive into the competitors, industry trends, customer perspective and/or the overall local market. If you don’t have the time to do that, we can help. Beyond these “intelligence” services, we offer training services as well.

  • Art 15% 15%
Creative campaign strategy, brand strategy, survey development and design, etc.
  • Science 85% 85%
Audience analysis, marketing audits, competitive analysis, training, data trends and analysis, etc.

Why Word-of-Mouth Recommendations Aren’t Enough Anymore

It isn’t hard to believe that word-of-mouth recommendations from people you know is the most trusted form of “advertising.” While you might not think of these kinds of recommendations as advertising, they most certainly are. It’s a type of “earned” advertising that comes as a...

What You Need to Know About Marketing Funnels

You’ve probably heard or read about “marketing funnels” or “click funnels.” The idea isn’t new and is pretty simple – when someone engages with your website, your web design and call-to-actions seek to move a user towards a key action or purchase. However, the art of...

Marketing Is Like Real Estate – You Either Rent, Own or Share Your Reach

The world of local marketing can be split into two primary buckets – online and offline. Businesses typically allocate marketing dollars to a mixture of channels that span the digital space and traditional media channels. Depending on the industry, both serve a valuable...


of business are executing digital marketing without a defined strategy.

Source: SmartInsights

Our marketing consulting services will help you get the lay of the land before we get to work…

Industry Trends

Identify the key trends and technologies that are transforming your industry.

Marketing Audit

Let’s get a sense of where your marketing stands today, so we can build strategies for tomorrow.

Competitive Analysis

Discover how your marketing strategies and tactics compare to your competitors.

Marketing Strategy

If you don’t need our services, we’ll help you create a marketing strategy you can run with.

Consumer Surveys

Get a better sense of how consumers behave online as it relates to your industry.


If you have the bandwidth, we’ll train you or your staff on less technical digital tactics.

Honest Marketing Advice

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