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DOWNLOAD: 9 Small Business Tactics to Rank Higher on Google in 2019

Download this free deck to view nine long-term and short-term search engine optimization (SEO) strategies for small businesses, helping your website rank higher on Google.

In order to rank higher on Google and to improve your business ranking on Google in 2019, you’ll need a comprehensive SEO strategy. The factors that influence rankings are constantly changing and there is no quick-and-easy way to improve your rank. Search engine optimization (SEO) takes time, a multi-faceted approach and requires on-going management of these efforts.

In this deck, you’ll see results from a recent study that explores the top Google ranking factors with nine concrete, long-term tactics to improve your business ranking on Google. Additionally, you will get guidance for deciding what you can DIY and when you should hire an expert.


  • The anatomy of a search result page
  • How ranking factors have changed over the years
  • The factors influencing ranking today
  • 9 tactics for improving rank
  • When you can DIY and when to hire an expert

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